Connecting Specialists Where It Matters

Our mission to make health accessible to everyone is reaching yet another milestone through new programs that remotely connect health specialists in urban Kenya and the USA with doctors serving patients in rural areas.
Currently, there are only three full-time doctors (two at Matibabu Hospital) serving a rural population of 250,000 (well below the WHO’s recommendation of 1:1000).


Getting a specialist to support a health issue in rural Kenya is near impossible. Through the power of telehealth and organizational partnerships, we aim to connect rural patients with experts in the field. Through a hub and spoke model, Matibabu’s doctors can provide virtual consultations to smaller remote clinics and can also seek consultation on challenging cases from experts in Nairobi and the US.

Telehealth increases access to quality care and improves the knowledge and skills of local medical professionals.

Matibabu billboard poster on the side of a rural road.
A Boda Girl delivers sonographer for remote ultrasound service.

Remote Ultrasound

Western Kenya has a high maternal mortality rate due to a lack of ultrasound screenings during pregnancy and access to hospitals that can perform life-saving c-sections when needed. In 2022, we set a goal to provide a free ultrasound to every pregnant woman in the county. Since then, we have increased the number of ultrasound scanners from 1 to 4 and have added additional sonographers to our team. With the support of Boda Girls, we are able to promote the program and deliver sonographers to outlying areas to women in need.

Connecting Girls to Menstrual Products

Supply chain for menstrual products is a new area of focus for Matibabu. Young girls often miss school during their monthly cycle due to the lack of menstrual products, leading to unnecessary school dropouts. To address this, the Boda Girls program provides education and sustainable menstrual kits to 8th-grade girls in the area, allowing them the chance to have an uninterrupted education and continue to high school.

Group of girls in front of Matibabu, holding their sustainable menstrual kits.
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