Boda Girls Teach Self-Defense 2023 STEM Camp

Boda Girls are addressing gender-based violence in their community. Matibabu Foundation’s survey of over 300 community members identified Gender-based violence in their community. Violence against women has far-reaching implications, affecting physical health, mental health, education, livelihoods, and overall community dynamics.

Volunteer Aminta Steinbach of Hand to Hand Kajukenbo in Oakland taught 40 Boda Girls self-defense and how to teach others. Seeing the Boda Girls teach 250 girls at Lifunga Secondary School for Girls in the afterschool program during Tiba’s STEM Camp was inspiring. The Boda Girls are excited to teach self-defense when they visit schools this year to educate 7th and 8th graders about menstruation and distribute free sustainable menstrual kits. That is potentially 2,000 girls.

Next summer, we aim to expand our reach with self-defense and STEM volunteer teachers, hoping to equip younger girls at the Lifunga feeder schools and with vulnerable widows and disabled women.

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