Mortuary Facility in Ukwala, Kenya

Matibabu Foundation is addressing a pressing need for a mortuary facility in Ukwala Kenya, where traditional Luo customs involve holding deceased family members for extended periods so the family has time to gather to bury the loved one on ancestral lands. The lack of local mortuaries forces costly and distant transportation, which makes visits difficult and this sad time even more stressful.

Tiba is happy to support the goals of our long-term partner Matibabu Foundation on this project and have engaged Construction for Change once more. Matibabu aims to provide respectful care for the deceased and ease the burden on grieving families. In conjunction with this effort, the hospital is developing palliative care and home health visits, ensuring a dignified end-of-life experience.

Additionally, Matibabu supports widows through gardens and fish farms, providing food for families during the time of need and promoting nutrition and entrepreneurial skills for widows to learn to sustain the health of their families for the long term. The services are expected to be self-supporting after construction and even enhance the sustainability of Matibabu Foundation.

Completion is expected in 2024.

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