Rhiana’s Spring Surgical Camp 2023

Board Member Rhiana Menen led her first camp this year after 4-5 camps with Terry Dunn and Richard Godfrey. She brought six new volunteers, including Dr. Tiesha, who is becoming a breast specialist, and who teamed up to provide 34 surgeries; and Lydia, who brought surgical instruments to donate with her and is joining a committee of MFK and Tiba partners to develop palliative care services. Friendships were evident between the US volunteers and Matibabu staff as they expressed appreciation for each other at the final camp party. Tiba appreciates Dr. Rhiana Menen, Dr. Teisha Shiozaki, Timothy Light, Lydia Van Winkle, Krysta Hughs, Nicole Formenti (photographer), and Mia Formenti.

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