Nursing Scholarships Change Lives


Imagine you are a young person who dreams of becoming a nurse but comes from an impoverished family. Your parents earn about $1-2 USD daily, and a year of college expenses is $1,000 USD. That dream might seem impossible.

Each year, generous donors sponsor scholarships to Matibabu College of Health Sciences. The scholarships cover tuition, textbooks, uniforms, test fees, and housing (the family must provide the food.)
Throughout a nurse’s career, Kenyan nurses work with over 100,000 patients.

Their children are 2xs as likely to graduate from college, transforming generational poverty.

Nursing College Programs:

  • Community Nursing Diploma (3 years) = $3,000 US
  • Theater Technician Certificate (2 years) = $2,000 US

To sponsor a scholarship in full or over time, please contact Diane Dodge, Executive Director of the Tiba Foundation, at

The Nursing Promise Initiative aims to train nurses from local villages who will serve in rural communities with nursing shortages. Together, we are creating a pathway from a village girls’ school through our nursing college and into well-paying nursing jobs.

Our strategy involves:

  • Sparking girls’ interest in STEM through an annual STEM Camp
  • Enhancing STEM instruction methods through a 2-year fellowship for the teachers
  • Build a STEM Lab and provide equipment (computers and supplies)
  • Providing full scholarships for Mary Ann van Dam School of Nursing ($1k per year for two or three years)
  • Engaging girls in mentoring and internship opportunities at Matibabu Hospital.

How Medical Education drives health and economic empowerment

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